Passiflora Passion Fruit

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The traditional passionfruit black tea is a safe haven for all passion fruit lovers. This all-natural blend offers a fresh tropical experience that will refresh your sense. Leaving you with an energized body and mind. Flavors artfully combined to create this delicious fruity bold tropical blend. Fruit flora aroma so enjoyable we're convinced you'll go for a second cup. Also perfect for a summer refreshment while you relax by the pool.
From the first sip to the last you will be able to get hits of the tangy passion fruit, making your experience better with each sip. Moreover, the delicious blend is topped with some cornflower petals to help add a refreshing and fruity feel to the tea.
 A steaming cup of this south Indian black tea can help wash your anxiety and depression away. Allowing you to feel well rested by following a healthy sleeping pattern. Moreover, it leaves you with a rich dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that helps lower your blood pressure; leaving you with a calming sense.
Ingredients: Caffeine, Passion Fruit, Black Tea, Cornflower Petals, Natural Flavor
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