Fruitopia White

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Feeling a little adventurous? Take a little side trip to the magical world with our special dragonfruit blend – one sip of this exotic tea’s enough to have you craving for more.
Ice one on a cup and see how the tangy aromatic notes pull you into taking a sip. You’ll get to experience fruity waves that’ll stay at your taste buds – this blend will surely tuck at your senses and heartstrings!
Cool thing is, on top of its thirstquenching factor, this blend’s also got the best nutrients and antioxidants that’ll keep you healthy in more ways than one.
Sweet, zesty and refreshing – there are more ways to describe it but we’ll leave that to you. So get your hands on this delectable tea blend today!
Ingredients: Shou Mei white tea, lemongrass, sencha green tea, all natural flavor, freeze dried raspberry pieces, dried pomegranate pieces, dried kiwi pieces(kiwi, sugar, citric acid, sulphur dioxide (a preservative)
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