Passion Berry

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If you take a delight in fruits, then you’ll surely love it even more if you’re able to savor them in your green tea. So here, we got this tropical passion berry blend to satiate your craving – a truly refreshing way to cleanse too!
 Sip this wondrous tropical blend and feel the burst of flavors that you can’t get anywhere else. Savor the light and tangy punch of the mixed fruits paired with floral notes – the aroma and flavor profile of this blend will surely become your obsession.
 We did say cleanse earlier, and we mean it – a cup of this tea will detoxify your body and improve your body’s functions!
 Deliciously refreshing and good for the health – what more can you ask for? Grab this amazing blend today!
Ingredients: Sencha Green tea, dried papaya pieces(papaya sugar) rose petals, all natural flavor, freeze dried strawberry pieces, dried pine apple(pinapple, cane sugar, citric acid).
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